How we test systems at OrbitSoft: functional, smoke, regression, and acceptance testing

Stage 1: Requirements Analysis and Documentation

Selecting a list for payment — 4.2 Hold — 4.3 Fixing the wiring — 4.4 Result of fixing the writing — 4.5 Confirmation/Cancellation of Hold
This is an example of a checklist from one of the projects: description of functions and status, and whether they work or not.
This is an example of a test case: a description of the steps involved in checking the performance of each function.

Stage 2: Smoke testing

Orbit Ad Server screenshot: on the Manage Bank Payments page, the administrator should be able to view all bank payments made through the system

Stage 3: Functional testing

Stage 4: Regression testing

This is how the admin panel looks after fixing the bugs. Testers click on each field and check that the reports are available, and that the dates are displayed in the correct format.

Stage 5: acceptance testing

OrbitSoft has a wide range of devices from different manufacturers and model years. For example, in Asia, phone models that have already gone out of production are popular, so for testing Asian projects, such gadgets are stored at our testing facilities.

Comparison of test types

Examples from OrbitSoft projects




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