Guide to NFTs: how they work, where to buy them, and whether you can make money with them

For those who missed it: what is blockchain?

How NFT works

One of the early NFT projects: a collection of 10,000 CryptoPunks collectible cards, 2017

Why it’s being hyped now

Beeple made a collage of 5,000 digital images he had taken daily for 13 years
The Merge masses merge together, ending up in the wallet of one owner: if you bought 2 small tokens, they merge into one bigger and more expensive one. The one who bought the most tokens is the owner of the Alpha Massa.

Why NFTs are so wildly expensive

NFT Newborn 2, created by Musk’s girlfriend, singer Grimes.
Banksy «Morons (White)»
The complete BAYC set that Snoop Dogg owns: monkey, dog, and mutants from M1 and M2 serums.
Twitter creator Jack Dorsey’s first tweet

Where to buy and sell NFTs

How to create an NFT



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