Agile or Waterfall: How to Choose a Development Methodology

What is a Methodology

Waterfall does not imply active participation of a customer (making changes to the work) during the process of development.
Agile allows you to adjust requirements and test hypotheses. This reduces the risk of ending up with an unusable product at the end of the process.

Methodology Selection Criteria

An example of detailed terms of reference for product development
Instead of a technical assignment, Agile uses a User Story: the customer’s expectations and preferences about how the product should work.
  • How would you describe the project? As a startup, or a ready-made system?
  • What functions do we need to create?
  • Are there documented business requirements?
  • Is it possible that the requirements may change?
  • Will feature improvements be needed?
The developers and the customer prioritize in the backlog, an archive of tasks. The priority of the task can be raised or lowered, or the task can be put in «ready» status, or deleted.
  • What exactly should work by a specific deadline?
  • Without which functions is it impossible to start the project?
  • Which features can we sacrifice for quick launch?
  • What is a completely finished product for you?
This is what a Scrum board with project tasks looks like. Specialists should be able to use this tool.
  • Will your specialists participate in development?
  • Do your specialists know how to work in Agile?
  • Are you ready to hire specialists during the development process?
  • Are you ready to describe the product in detail?




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