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In brief

About the project: VPN app

In brief

  • Node JS platform for web development based on Java Script
  • VPN app for a large entertainment service
  • Configured the process of payment acceptance
  • Created a mechanism for collecting statistics
  • Reduced server load
  • 50,000 downloads of the app on Google Play in the first three months
  • 6+ platforms on which the app works
  • Fast, 6-month application development period

Project: VPN app for a large entertainment service

  • Data base MySQL, Redis, Vault
  • System of accounting and sales control in PosiFlora the flower business
  • Keep different types of data separate from each other
  • Protect confidential data from hacking
  • Allow for the execution of complex analytical requests
  • Reserve capacity for when case load increases
  • Data for over 8,500 users securely protected
  • Processes up to 15 million API queries daily, and 10 times that on holidays
  • Saves data even when it’s entered offline
  • Creates different kinds of reports to assist with business development

Flower store income depends on data storage and analysis

  • What functionality will help cover the project’s needs?
  • Can the framework handle growing projects?
  • Will it be easy to integrate contractor functionality into a project on this framework, e.g., banking software for retail projects?
  • How much will it cost to maintain a project written on this framework? Is…

Using the example of a large Canadian content provider

In brief:

  • CodeIgniter — PHP Framework
  • Large Canadian content provider
  • In 2013 it became the most advanced framework, and it still does its job well.
  • Most functions can be overridden and extended through the use of classes
  • Console commands enable it to work with other frameworks
  • Works with .po/.mo file formats for system localization
  • 40 million published videos
  • 2 billion ad impressions per month
  • Support for 30 languages
  • 350 thousand users online every day

350 thousand users online every day at Canadian content provider

In brief

The PosiFlora app places orders, processes payments, and stores customer data

In brief

The GetPolis service selects a CASCO for free, reminds the user regarding the policy purchase, and allows for the creation of an agent network

In brief

  • Qt — framework C++
  • POS and control system for business automation, trade, and warehouse accounting for PosiFlora floristry business
  • Cross-platform: the same code is used for both iOS and Android
  • Flexibility: we can embed native code into the app
  • Response time fast enough for all tasks
  • Routine tasks require less time
  • Compatibility with any database
  • Easy integration with banking software
  • We launched the app in just 9 months
  • 1200 users by June 2021
  • Support…

Using an audit from OrbitSoft as an example

What is an IT audit?


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